Reading Flip Books online

Reading newsletters on-line may seem daunting to some but its quite easy.

Just click the left and right arrows at the bottom right of the screen, or those on each side of the “Book” to turn the pages.  Hovering your mouse over the various icons will tell you what they do.

Obviously it is always going to be difficult to display a full A4 portrait page on the screen as a book at sufficient size to ensure legibility, however there are ways to overcome this.

Firstly click on the icon on the LH side of the toolbar at the bottom. This will put it in “Full Screen”mode and get rid (temporarily) of the browser headings and title bars. Just click on the icon again to bring them back when you have finished reading.

Secondly, click on the Magnifying glass with the + in and this will enlarge the print. You can also do this with the Slider bar in the centre of the screen just above the tool bar. (This is particularly useful for studying pictures in detail.)

Hopefully with these two features the font is now larger and easy to read.

However at an enlarged size you can only now display part of the page. To read the whole page you can “Scroll”around the page. Just point at the centre of the page, hold your left mouse button down and move the mouse as needed.